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Are you looking for cheap and secure car parking in Fortitude Valley?

The parking search is finally over. We know the perfect place for you to park your car, and it’s just a few blocks away from the Brisbane CBD. Pop into our Fortitude Valley Car Park on Berwick Street and check out our $65 parking for a week! That’s right, we’re offering a limited number of spaces at this price so make sure you hurry in before they’re gone. With secure undercover parking available 24/7, there’s no need to worry about what will happen with your car while you are on holidays or working long hours in town. Secure parking close to the city has never been easier! If that doesn’t take all the stress out of finding a spot then we don’t know what will. Offering  daily, weekly and monthly car parking for your convenience.

Great Fortitude Valley monthly car parking available

Do you know anyone who lives in Fortitude Valley? If so, they might be looking for a car space that’s affordable and provides them with peace of mind. Well, luckily for them and you, we offer monthly care parking at some of the the cheapest rates in Brisbane! We have spaces available for both private and commercial purposes. What are you waiting for? Contact our friendly team today to find out more about renting a space from us!

car parking space rental in fortitude valley

We offer the following parking options:

Guest Car Parking ($35 per 24 hours)

Weekly Car Parking ($65 a week)

Monthly Car Parking ($281 a month)

Contact FV4006 Apartments in Fortitude Valley Brisbane and secure your car space in our gated carpark today.

Address: 2 Berwick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Mobile: 0418 183 857 or 0418 726 622

FV4006 Apartments Secure Car Park Building Entry and Parking Instructions

Car parking Fortitude in Valley building entry and access
Car Park Instructions at FV4006 Apartments
Car parking key returns


1. Drop remote and keys in the dark grey box near the car park exit boomgate.


2. Drop them into FV4006 Apartment reception CHECK OUT AND KEY DROPBOX

FAQ’s – Car Park in Fortitude Valley FV4006 Apartments

If I take a casual parking space but am not a tenant or guest at FV4006 Apartments, how do I get in and out of your carpark?

Every user of our car parking spaces is issued with a remote which will let them in and out of the car park 24/7

If I rented a car space, would it be accessible 24/7?

Yes, our carpark is accessible with the issued remote 24/7

I have a very big 4-wheel drive, will it fit under the roof of your carpark?

The carpark entrance has a clearance of 2.5 metres

I have a top of the range car. Do you have bigger carparks for these types of cars?

Yes, we do have some bigger carpark spaces for these types of car

Do you rent carparks to motor bikes and is there a reduction in the rental price?

Yes, we do rent spaces to motor bikes. Please contact us to discuss pricing options.

We have a baby with a pram and a car seat. Would we be able to get a carpark with a bit of extra space?

Yes, we do have some bigger carpark spaces for these types of needs.

I have a six-week job not far from your carpark. Would you rent a car space for only 6 weeks

Yes, our rental periods are flexible starting at half a day to how ever long you require

If I wanted to rent a carpark, would I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we require an application to rent a car park and if successful, we then sign a contract with the driver of the car.

I live two streets away from your FV4006 Apartments and our unit only has one carpark. Could I rent a second carpark from you?

Yes, we rent carparks to anyone whose application is successful.

How is your car park different to the SECURE carpark next door?

The SECURE brand carpark is not gated, and its pricing is a lot higher than ours.

Does your carpark close?

No, our carpark gates are opened and closed with a remote which is issued to the user.

Can I leave tools and other personal items in my car when it is parked in your car park?

Valuable items should never be left in any car parked in a car park or on the street. We take no responsibility for valuable items left in your vehicle.

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